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Our Services

RBR-Technologies maintains extensive professional networks, strong experience and understanding of DIA, DoDIN, DISA, DCSA and NSA mission priorities.

Data Governance

RBR-Technologies has a proven track

record of providing client partners with

the correct Data Governance solution to

fit their needs, through requirements

gathering, analysis of current and

desired future-state solutions, solution

planning and development, and plan

implementation, monitoring and

oversight. We are full-versed in the data governance lifecycle with trained experts in data architectures, modeling & design, storage & operations and so much more. Data is considered one of most valuable assets in any organizations, the effort to treat it as the asset of its value was previously slow. This momentum is shifting, and organizations are now appointing Chief Data Officers, Data Stewards, and Data Governance Boards and using RBR-Technologies to help them in their efforts.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineer Photo.png

RBR-Technologies engineering teams provide mission success to our clients. RBR-Technologies unique team of professionals, design, develop, analyze, operate, test and deploy systems that offer capabilities to meet our clients needs. Our engineers define requirements, conceptual modeling, system analysis and research. 

Acquisition & Finance

RBR-Technologies prides itself on

attracting and retaining highly

qualified talent with a

wide array of Government and private

industry experience. We have direct

experience with DoD-specific

acquisition software and accounting

systems. We have been formally

trained in DoD policy and regulations. We have experience on all sides of the DoD acquisition process to include budgeting, execution and contract administration. Our team has decades of combined experience in the Government acquisition space.

Knowledge Management

RBR-Technologies utilizes a robust

knowledge management process

designed to integrate with and

improve data,

information and knowledge

management activities for

organizations. Our knowledge

management process fosters

innovation and creates efficiencies

for better decision making. Our 4-phase process is designed to take raw data and refine it into shared organizational knowledge. See how we can maximize your knowledge management activities

Cyber Operations & Planning

RBR-Technologies exploits industry-

leading frameworks, tools, platforms,

and techniques to accelerate the

production of high-quality products

and services, with a mind on security

throughout the software development

lifecycle (SDLC). Utilizing RBR’s

DevSecOps Framework ROADMAP

2.0; we apply the core principles of security, collaboration, feedback, and automation to remove inefficiencies in the lifecycle while accelerating our velocity to product capabilities in a timely manner. As part of this company capability; RBR-Technologies Developed a Software Development Training Program as a mechanism to provide industry leading software development best practices to our staff on a weekly basis through hands on workshops and forums to ensure we are constantly providing the best of breed support to our clients.

Software Development

The RBR-Technologies web and

software development team follows

the agile methodologies. Meaning,

we follow 2-week sprint cycles and

have tasks assigned in JIRA. Our

developers review merge requests

and run automated builds.

We use a number of tools like Gitlab,

IntelliJ Ultimate, ElasticSearch and more. Currently,

we are working for the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and the United States Air Force. RBR’s team is full of web and software experts.

Security-Oriented Engineering

RBR-Technologies maintains a security

team of professionals who bring all levels of

information technology experience to

support and secure public networks

and private classification

environments. RBR-Technologies has

expertise to support, harden, scan,

certify, and monitor highly complex accredited and certified environments. RBR-Technologies leverages commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and government off-the-shelf (GOTS) tools to execute capability delivery while architecting and/or enhancing systems to deliver secure solutions. Our staff is well versed in traversing the Risk Management Framework, 800-171 and CMMC requirements.  

Language Services

RBR-Technologies seeks out language

analysts that are experienced with

research, analysis, reporting, and

planning. Since inception, RBR has

and continues to demonstrate a unique

ability to find, hire, and retain highly

skilled (professional level) cryptologic

language analysts.  This ability allows

RBR-Technologies to deliver critically needed language analyst support to our customer base.  Our company prioritizes training and development of our language analyst staff to ensure they develop and grown their technical proficiency.

Commercial Solutions

Digital transformation is constant as

technology evolution is continuous.

At the crux of most transformations

are stovepipe applications, poor data

quality, and misaligned business

processes . This leads to significant

technical debt and redundancy.

For this reason, RBR-Technologies focuses on a

product’s open integration capability. Think platforms. Applications, services, and customizations can be added to deliver specific capabilities. We start with a technology agnostic analysis that provides a “to-be” baseline.



ADDRESS: 2288 Blue Water Blvd, Suite 322 Odenton, MD 21113

TEL: 410-674-0125  |  FAX: 443-569-7060 |

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