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Military Support

Are you transitioning out of the service?

RBR-Technologies is 52% Veteran staffed


RBR-Technologies helps veterans transition through a career skills program.

RBR-Technologies is committed to service members from the United States Military in assisting them through the transition process into a civilian career. The Career Skills Internship Program provides service members with exposure to critical industry standards and practices.

Benefits of an Internship

The benefits of an internship are the following;

  • Exposure to corporate operations

  • Direct interaction with RBR-Technologies senior management

  • Insight to contract & labor management (types of contract, labor categories, sourcing of candidate, etc.)

  • Executive-level program management (cost, schedule and performance)

  • Fundamental understanding of defense contracting


*Please note that each internship can be tailored to complement your career path.​

Timeline for transition


The timeline for transitioning out of the military to RBR-Technologies is below

  • Seek Leadership Approval- RBR recommends 60-90 days prior to desired internship start date

  • Coordinate with CSPIA- RBR recommends 30-60 days prior to desired internship start date

  • Contact CSP Provider- As soon as possible

  • Begin Internship- Up to 6 months prior to RET/ETS



ADDRESS: 2288 Blue Water Blvd, Suite 322 Odenton, MD 21113

TEL: 410-674-0125  |  FAX: 443-569-7060 |

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