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RBR Centers for Excellence

The 4 RBR Centers for Excellence are each responsible for Knowledge Management (KM), Change Control (KM), standardization and process controls for each of their Critical Success Verticals (CSV).

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Center for Agile Project Managment

The RBR CAPM provides standardization across the Leadership Critical Success Vertical by enforcing the best practices as defined by the premier authorities in Project Management, Agile and scrum. Click to find out how. 


Center for Employee Empowerment

The RBR CEE provides standardization across the Staffing and Development Key Success Vertical by taking a deliberate approach to employee sourcing, training, growth, engagement, and retention which are key factors in our best-in-industry employee talent and retention. Click to find out more.   

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Center for Optimization

The RBR CO provides standardization and enforces Lean Six Sigma (LSS) best practices as defined by the American Society for Quality and other industry leaders.  They also manage our in-house LSS  certification tracks and validate our optimization associate with Agile applications such as SAFe and SLAM. Click to find out how. 


Center for Technical Expertise

The RBR CTE provides standardization, expertise and training for all of our software, hardware, and development activities. They also oversee our in-house Developer training program, the ASTEP Academy. Click to find out how. 

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